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Blast Circuit

We have your solution with our Blast Cardio and Strength CircuitSeveral studies show that circuit training is the most efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. It helps achieve fitness goals and maintain them longer than any other form of exercise or diet. With those benefits, why would one workout any other way?
No more excuses about not having enough time to exercise. Choose the Blast Cardio Circuit which is only 24 minutes of low impact, total body cardio that delivers fat burning results, or try the Blast Strength Circuit which is a 30 minute total body strength circuit that tones the muscles. Or, if you have enough time and you’re up for a challenge, squeeze them both in for a great workout experience. With the guidance and expertise of a Blast Circuit Coach, you are destined to make a change for the better.

Have a Cardio and Strength Blast!